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Backpacking North America [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Long Distance Hiking Community

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Long distance hikers? [Feb. 11th, 2011|01:36 pm]
The Long Distance Hiking Community

Any big sections or thru-hikes in the works for folks out there? Spring plans?

I'm going to be doing a small section hike on the CDT this spring, and I'm already stir crazy and looking forward to it. I hope to get out and do several section hikes in New Mexico before the year is over.
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waterproofing boots [Dec. 29th, 2009|04:27 pm]
The Long Distance Hiking Community

i have a pair of leather boots that i'd like to waterproof. i know i can buy all sorts of mixes, but i'd like something that is more natural, even if i'll have to apply it more often, unless 'more often' means every time i wear the boots in snow or rain. i read that lanolin is one possibility, are there others?

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For Sale [Dec. 16th, 2009|02:50 am]
The Long Distance Hiking Community

FYI - I'm selling a McHale ultralight Backpack, perfect for a thru or section hike, approximately 4000 cubic inches. Its a ~18-22" torso size pack for a ~32-38" waist. Starting bid is $24.99+shipping.

See the listing on eBay here:

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Question for recent thru-hikers [Jun. 29th, 2009|02:12 am]
The Long Distance Hiking Community

[Mood |curiouscurious]

I spent the spring and early summer of 1995 on the Appalachian Trail attempting a thru-hike (which was cut short by medical issues).

Afterwards, I drifted away from the Trail community. This summer, changes in my life gave me the opportunity to run hiker shuttles in and out of Waynesboro, VA. One thing I noticed was that many hikers had cell phones. Cell phones hadn't even been invented yet when I was on the Trail (holy shite I'm old).

Just out of curiosity, how prevalant are cell phones on the Trail now? In my day, if a phone rang at a shelter, we probably would have bonked the owner on the head with a stout log... I'm assuming that attitude has changed?

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Seventeen Arrested Saturday; Six Remain in Jail for Opposition to Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining [May. 25th, 2009|07:02 am]
The Long Distance Hiking Community

[Mood |annoyedannoyed]

MAY 24, 2009
CONTACT: Sludge Watch Collective 304-854-7372

Rep. Hechler: Keep Hellraising!

Seventeen Arrested Saturday; Six Remain in Jail for Opposition to Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining and Coal Sludge Impoundments; $2000 Cash Bail ‘Unprecedented”

COAL RIVER VALLEY, W.Va.— Seventeen volunteers were arrested Saturday in a three-part civil disobedience action in the continuing movement to end mountaintop removal. Six are still in the Southern Regional Jail as their supporters try to raise the $2,000 cash-only bail a Raleigh County magistrate says is needed for their release.

“This is an unprecedented and extremely punitive bail situation,” Mountain Justice volunteer Ivan Stiefel said. “We can’t even use a bondsman. We need $18,000 cash, on a holiday weekend, to get everyone out of jail. We are asking everyone to go to mountainjustice.org and respond to this outrage by donating to our legal fund.”

Allies of those arrested plan to hold vigils outside the magistrate’s office until they are all released.

read more + a photo + a videoCollapse )

For more information, photos, or to find out how you can help, please visit the following sites:



Please forward this information widely if you care about these issues.
List serves, mspace, facebook, LJ, and twitter, oh my... :D
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Note From my Sister on The PCT [May. 19th, 2009|11:43 pm]
The Long Distance Hiking Community


Cynthia Blair I need some help with the podcast facebook peeps. Think of some interesting things you'd like us to talk about...stay on topic you hooligans...and email the questions to kevin@midworld.com

So if there is anything any of you would like to know about regarding the PCT or the hike they are on let them know and they will cover it in their podcasts....


Top Five - Dream Backpacking Trips [May. 15th, 2009|05:39 pm]
The Long Distance Hiking Community

Seeing as I'm on the verge of a big bike trip, I'm of course dreaming of backpacking.

Here are the top five big hikes I'd love to do:

#5 - The Arizona National Scenic Trail + The Hayduke Trail + trails across Utah/Uinta Mountain Traverse + the Idaho Centennial Trail
Mexico to Canada, making it up as you go along. I'm not sure I'm up to all this, long distances are tough, cross country, and waterless. But as a series of big section hikes, it'd be fun.

#4 - The New England National Scenic Trail and the Cohos Trail, as a continuous hike from the coast to Canada.
The National Scenic bit is a new designation from the amendment to the National Trails Act this spring. That bit is a bit of a compromise if you ask me - the real meat of this hike is covering the whole distance up to Quebec and the Cohos is there to make it possible (~580 miles). Besides, any excuse to hike in the White Mountains is okay by me.

#3 - The Pacific Crest Trail

#2 - The Continental Divide Trail + The Great Divide Trail in Canada
The longest distances at high altitude, the most difficult resupply, grizzly bears, and plenty of cross country travel. The longest of the north-south trails - a dream!

#1 - The Sea to Sea Route

7,700 miles from the Atlantic Ocean in Quebec to the Pacific Ocean in Washington State - this is the future of long distance hiking in North America. Bigger, badder, longer, and more varied than the other trails, this takes in the entire North Country Trail, Pacific Northwest Trail, and International Appalachian Trail, sections of the Appalachian Trail, Long Trail, and Continental Divide Trails.
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Northern Exposure: Hiking the North Country Trail [May. 15th, 2009|05:20 pm]
The Long Distance Hiking Community

[ From The New York Times ]

Published: April 24, 2009

LACE up your boots, shoulder a pack, and head out on the North Country Trail this month from its origin in Crown Point, N.Y., and you could journey westward straight through the summer, past autumn’s falling leaves, and hike miles nonstop every day until snow blocks the path.

Just ask Andrew Skurka, a legend of long-distance backpacking who did exactly that in 2004, spending six months walking west from New York thousands of miles to the trail’s terminus in North Dakota. “It just went on and on and on,” he said.

At 4,600 miles in length, the North Country National Scenic Trail bisects a large part of the continent, slicing through seven states — from glacier-scoured landscapes in Adirondack Park to prairies on the Great Plains — and snaking a distance twice as long as the Appalachian Trail.

“If you want to see a huge cross-section of the U.S.A., the North Country is it,” said Mr. Skurka, a 27-year-old who has hiked the Appalachian and Pacific Crest Trails, as well as a transcontinental trek he completed in 2005 that included the entire North Country Trail.

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For those of you who don't know Pacific Crest Trail Hikers UPdate [May. 10th, 2009|11:32 pm]
The Long Distance Hiking Community

Ok... This week my sister and her husband had close encounters with a rattle snake and bears... Makes me kinda glad I am not there...

Check out her website and hear the story straight from them and I guess they will also have a video they are uploading... (some time tomorrow for video) Right now they have a webisode posted and they are talking about the bears and the snake.. but I guess they have video which they will put up tomorrow

Also Please feel free to pass this website on to anyone you like...



pacific Crest Trail [May. 6th, 2009|06:06 pm]
The Long Distance Hiking Community

Hey to all you hikers out there.. I am not one.. I am not able to hike much at all lately... But MY SISTER is Currently hiking the PCT(with her husband) ....

She is doing weekly podcasts and also posting pictures of the trail as they go along.. They are in week 2 or 3 I have lost track but they update almost daily right now(they still have cel service)...

Check out their website.. I am sure they would love to hear from fellow hikers..  During their weekly podcasts they are also answering questions they receive from people so ask away...


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