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The Long Distance Hiking Community
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Long Distance Hiking in North America: The Appalachian Trail, Pacfic Crest, Continental Divide, etc.
Have you counted your days in miles?
Do you ever feel strange to be without a backpack?
Have you ever gone a week or more without a shower? Did you mind?
Have you ever looked forward to hitchhiking?
Do you dream about the trail?

Welcome to the campfire! This is a community for Long Distance Hiking, for hikers, maintainers, friends, and dreamers alike.

The Trail Community on LiveJournal is in no way affiliated with the Appalachian Trail Conference or any trail-related or other organizations.

We welcome postings of all sorts related to Long Distance Hiking; gear reports, accounts of hikes, questions, photos, etc. Please do not post commercial advertising without prior permission. If you would like to post a picture larger than 640x480 or 300k, please use an <lj-cut> tag to save bandwidth.

Some Links:

Trail Maintainers:
Appalachian Trail Conference
Pacific Crest Trail Association
Continental Divide Trail Society
Continental Divide Trail Alliance
North Country Trail Association America's longest long trail
Green Mountain Club Long Trail Maintainers
International Appalachian Trail club (Maine Chapter)
Great Divide Trail (Canada)
Great Eastern Trail Association
Wonderland Trail
Tahoe Rim Trail Association
Florida Trail Association
Ozark Highlands Trail Association (see also Ozark Trail Association)
Friends of the Ouachita Trail
Arizona Trail Association
The Hayduke Trail
The Grand Enchantment Trail
Cohos Trail Association
Adirondack Mountain Club: Northville-Placid Trail
Friends of the Mountains to Sea Trail
Ice Age Park & Trail Foundation
Sheltowee Trace
The Palmetto Trail (see also: Foothills Trail)
AMC Berkshire: Metacomet-Monadnock Trail
Michigan Shore-To-Shore Trail
American Discovery Trail Society

Appalachian Long Distance Hikers Association
Kathy Bilton's A.T. Home Page
Trail Journals
ATC's Trail Store
National Park Service AT Site
The Thru-Hiking Papers
AT-L Mailing List Site
The The Hail Came - thru-hike account
About Peace Pilgrim, the first woman to complete a thru-hike
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